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Living a teenage life.Youtube Beauty , Fashion, Life style Vlogger . I'm 17 Years Young , I was California Native born and raised ! Needless to say the beach and and streets of Los Angeles are my home . Biking is one of my favorite hobbies , I'm also a book worm . Cant help it if im a serial killer fanatic . Like any normal teen i spend a vast amount of my time being stoned off my ass. If you wanna rave ? Im about it ! Im a child of the stars , One day I hope to find my way back home . AND LAST BUT MOST IMPORTANNT THING , YOU MUST LEARN ABOUT ME IS ..... im a singer <3 .

Friend Ship ,Peace , Love ,And Happiness is what i'm all about . I'm a strong believer in Karma . What Goes around comes back . And treat those how you want to be treated. If you have no respect . Your vibes will not be tolerated . <3

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The little things in life like nature and simplicity🌾.
 Make me beyond happy. Don&#8217;t forget to explore your life. It&#8217;s okay to get lost along the way. As along as you stay focused on what it is you truly want. Happiness is something you have to make. It&#8217;s not given. Only you have the power to make yourself happy.
So be happy❤️
And make your day❤️
-kenzie #explorela  (at Topanga State Beach)
You know it&#8217;s been a ruff day when you order a whole cheese pizza to yourself .
Hey guys I&#8217;m Mackenzie Marie💋
I make YouTube video on the inter-web 🎥
/&amp; I&#8217;m an aspiring singer✨🌟
(My YouTube link is in my bio)

Right now I&#8217;m in the stages between getting sign with
Seventeen magazine and Style Haul Network. It would mean so very much to me if you could check out my channel and support me, by simply watching some of my videos, and or clicking that subscribe button. ❤️

I love my subbies more then anything, we honestly talk, almost everyday! Lol (ILY GUYS)
Wanna get to know me? Keep reading💕
Seventeen years old😏, Healthy living enthusiast🍓🍍🍉, Business owner of (URBAN-WAIST™)💎, Makeup obsessed💄💋, Cali bond☀️🌴🌊, Singing is my drug💊🎶🎤, Work out addict💪💦, World Wide Traveler/ Vlogger 🗿✈️🌍🌎🌏
(I carry a camera everywhere I go📷), Surfing is goal🏄, Fashion Killer👠, Princess of the night🌙👑PLUR💖💛💚💙💜, Morning owl⛅️, with a undying love for Corgis ❤️
⭐️I was born a star✨ an am nothing less then my own perfection✨⭐️
Thank you for your time 
Check out my channel if you&#8217;d like!
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I&#8217;m almost haft way to 5k👽✨!!! This is so exciting you guys! Thanks for all the lovely recently. I CAN SENSE A 5k GIVE AWAY COMING!!😵😵😵🙊
Ps I really love you guys🌵🌙❤️
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See you soon

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”


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